new format

What is the Illa Pancha Challenge?

This new edition, the Illa Pancha Challenge, sponsored by MNprogram, runs from October 1, 2021 to April 30, 2022 and comes with a new competition format, very different from the traditional format of a surfing event, in which there are usually qualifying heats until reaching the final.

This edition will be held in a digital format through the event’s new website. Throughout the season, the days with the best surfing conditions will be announced on the web, through our alert system with three colors that simulates the lights of a traffic light:

  • Red: There are no good surf conditions.
  • Yellow: There is a chance of good surf conditions.
  • Green: It is confirmed that there are good surf conditions.

In this way, the best big waves riders at national and international level will be able to follow the forecast through the official website of the contest. After each session, surfers who want to participate in this challenge will send us their photos or videos, which we will upload to the web. At the end of the season, a team of judges will score the best waves based on the audiovisual material provided and will name the winners of each category.

Surfers’ Awards

- Best Team: 5.000€
- Best Barrel: 1.000€
- Biggest Wave: 1.000€
- Woman’s Best Performance: 1.000€

Videographers’ Awards

- Best Team Camera: 800€
- Best Barrel Camera: 400€
- Biggest Wave Camera: 400€
- Woman’s Best Performance Camera: 400€

Judging Team

Tom Butler, Head Judge

Big wave surfer from UK pioneer in Ireland and Nazaré