new format

What is the Illa Pancha Challenge?

So far, in previous editions since the birth of the Illa Pancha Challenge in 2019, the format of this sporting event has been different from the new format proposed from the end of 2021, from being a tow-in big wave championship to taking a different approach. In the new format, will be taken into account the forecast of the swells throughout the season, where the three-colour warning system simulating traffic lights (red, yellow and green) will continue to be used, and it will be inform when the best conditions are given so that the best big waves riders at national and international level have the possibility to surf the wave of O Panchorro. 

The difference is that, from now on, there will be no rounds, just free sessions. The number of sessions during the year will vary according to the conditions of the sea that are given and we will publish on our website all those audiovisual materials generated by the technical team of each one of the participants, allowing fans to follow up all the content and the latest big wave surf news.

  • Best Team
  • Best Barrel
  • Biggest Wave
  • Woman’s Best Performance

At the end of the season, a team of judges will score the best waves based on the audiovisual material provided and will name the winners of the different award categories:

It is noteworthy to mention that some of the surfers who have participated in the first two editions of Illa Pancha Challenge have been known riders as Rodrigo Koxa, Guinness World Records’ record holder of the biggest wave surfed with a measure of 24,38 meters, and Lucas Chumbo, world champion of giant waves in the Best Performance category, champion of Nazaré Tow Challenge and double champion of Illa Pancha Challenge. We also had the participation of Juan Fernandez, current champion of Spain of big waves, and Eric Rebiere, current member of the world elite of surfing and the only participant that has also been part of the first world division of surfing (World Championship Tour), in which only the 32 best surfers in the world compete. 

In the last edition we have the female category with the presence of Michelle des Bouillons, current member of the world elite of giant waves, and we hope that the next edition will involve more women surfers.