To be eligible for the awards at the end of the season of the Illa Pancha Challenge, all participants of the sessions that will be carried out, must send us the audiovisual material prepared by the technical team of each attendee to the event, via Wetransfer to the following email, indicating:

  • SURFER: name, last name and instagram account
  • VIDEOGRAPHER: name, last name and instagram account
At the end of the season, a team of judges will evaluate each of the videos by selecting all those that will be published on our website, which will have the opportunity to qualify for the Illa Pancha Challenge Awards:

Surfers’ Awards

- Best Team: 5.000€
- Best Barrel: 1.000€
- Biggest Wave: 1.000€
- Woman’s Best Performance: 1.000€

Videographers’ Awards

- Best Team Camera: 800€
- Best Barrel Camera: 400€
- Biggest Wave Camera: 400€
- Woman’s Best Performance Camera: 400€